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Head Office

The administrative functions, as well as the project management, estimating, procurement and engineering activities operate from our Head Office facility in Leigh, Greater Manchester.

Occupying a 4,000ft2 modern office facility, the company utilises state of the art technology and up to date practices in delivering all the projects it undertakes.

The Head Office address is:

Unit 3 Bridgewater Business Park
West Bridgewater Street
Tel: 01942 676770
Fax: 01942 676772

Fabrication Facility

Operating from a 90,000ft2 factory facility located in Ince, near Wigan, Greater Manchester, the Group has the capacity to fabricate 5,000 to 10,000 tonnes per year dependant on the mix of piece sizes, weights and complexity, using CNC machining technology and employing a highly skilled, highly qualified and experienced workforce.

The facility is serviced by a total of 9no overhead cranes of various capacities and various NC machinery which includes Peddinghaus Angle Line, an FDB 1000 drilling & profiling, an FDB 600 drilling & profiling, an FPB1800 drilling and plasma profiler, Pro Band Saw, a Kaltenbach Cold Saw, a Kaltenbach WBX1015 drilling line, and a Peddinghaus BDL 1250/3 Saw Drill Line.

The workshop site has extensive storage facilities allowing us to provide off-site storage of both stock materials and fabricated items ready for delivery if required.

The Workshop address is:

Unit 1-6
Dobson Park Industrial Estate
Dobson Park Way,